Wire EDM Machining Services

Smith & Richardson’s state-of-the-art tool room capability includes a wire EDM machine that gives us the ability to make difficult to machine tools and fixtures for our customer’s custom parts produced on our precision CNC’s, punch presses and slide forming equipment.  This tool room capability means S&R does not have to send these uniquely shaped tools to an outside vendor, thus allowing us to save time and produce your parts at a more competitive price.  We can make tooling out of almost any metal and have the tooling coated to enhance its performance and longevity.

Machine Capabilities

  • Brother HS-70AM
    • X Axis Stroke: 16.1 in.
    • Y Axis Stroke: 10.2 in.
    • Maximum part height: 5.9 in.
    • Wire diameters .004 – .012
    • 15 deg. Taper maximum
    • Automatic Wire Threader, allows for unattended operation
    • Accurate to .0001 in.
    • Many workholding fixtures already available

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