Smith & Richardson Inc.
727 May Street
Geneva, Illinois 60134
United States of America
Telephone 630-232-2581

Smith and Richardson’s Illinois facility located in the western suburbs of Chicago consists of 66,000 square feet (6,100 square meters) of completely climate controlled space to help meet your precision part needs. Our facility has been retrofitted with the latest in energy efficient lighting and air delivery systems to competitively support your contract machining, slide forming and stamping needs. Inside this well-lit employee friendly environment exists many of the latest state of the art machine tools as well as a dedicated tool room allowing us to competitively meet your contract machining, slide forming and stamping needs. All aspects of the office and production environment utilize the latest software, data entry stations and measurement collection tools to automatically collect and analyze data so we can drive continuous improvement and performance in our organization.

Taicang Smith Richardson Precision Manufacturing Company, Ltd
Building 3, No 15 Fada Road
Taicang Economic Development Zone
Taicang, Jiangsu Province 215413
Peoples Republic of China
Telephone (86) 512 53830323
Cell (86) 13681953664

Smith and Richardson’s Taicang China facility is located a short drive from the center of Shanghai, China and consists of 15,000 square feet (1,400 square meters) of manufacturing space. This facility provides us the opportunity to sell into a growing market, support many of our US based customers as they grow in Asia, as well as provides a contingency to back up production of our US facility. This facility provides us the ability to produce stamping tools in a cost effective environment to meet our customers precision stamping needs. The facility is linked electronically with the US facility so as to better control processes and monitor its output.

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