Motor Chaplets

Motor Chaplets are manufactured from mild steel, generally coated with tin and used in thin-walled casting.  Non-Ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel are available upon request. 

The information listed below details general characteristics on their dimensional design.  These chaplets can have grooved or plain stems.  Perforations pierced in the plates. Extensions or pins riveted or welded which protrude from the plates.  The plate(s) can be curved to a specific radius. Additional design modifications can be integrated to meet your specifications.

Height can be produced from 3/16”-4,5 to 3”-76,2. 

Standard Stem Sizes – Note Stem Sizes Not Listed Can Be Produced Upon Request
Fractional Decimal Gage Metric
3/64″ .0475 #18 1,2
1/16” .0625 #16 1,6
N/A .0720 #15 1,8
3/32” .0890 #13 2,3
1/8” .1200 #11 3,0
N/A .1350 #10 3,4
N/A .1680 #9 4,3
3/16” .1770 #7 4,5
¼” .2253 #4 5,7

Standard Plate Sizes – Note Plate Sizes Not Listed Can Be Produced Upon Request

Fractional DecimalMetricRound/SquarePerforation
¼”.2506,35Round OnlyNo
5/16”.3127,92Round OnlyNo

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