Machined Parts for Recreational Vehicles, Machined Firearm Components, Archery Bow Parts Machining

Smith and Richardson’s state of the art CNC Swiss, CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC EDM, slide forming and stamping equipment along with a staff of knowledgeable engineering and quality personnel enable us to precisely handle all your part manufacturing needs even in the most difficult to machine, form and punch materials.  We manufacture parts to your exacting requirements under the controls of our ISO 9001:2008 quality system.  During our “First Part Introduction” meeting we bring together the engineering, quality, production, purchasing and scheduling groups to insure your expectations are exceeded.  This team also reviews all initial production runs to insure all interested parties expectations were achieved. 

Our extensive knowledge of the aesthetic requirements for the consumer products industries is evident in the superior surface finishes we achieve in our manufacturing and plating processes.  These parts are produced on various precision manufacturing machines to your exacting tolerances.  Our precise manufacturing process delivers the quality components your customers have come to expect.  Whether we are producing risers and cams for the archery industry, receivers, bolts, triggers, scopes for the firearms industry, triggers, barrels for the paint ball marker industry or components for the marine and ATV industry we have many years of experience to exceed your needs.

 Our quality systems are capable of providing complete SPC documentation, lot control and traceability to meet your exacting requirements.  Your parts are inspected with the latest in advanced measuring systems including vision, vision with contact probe, CMM and microscope inspection tools.  Data is collected, stored and readily retrievable to meet all your traceability needs.

Your parts are cleaned in our state of the art environmentally friendly zero emission parts washer utilizing a medical grade cleaning solvent.  This IFP cleaning system utilizes a modified alcohol solvent and employs the following cleaning processes including spraying, immersion, submerged jets, ultrasonic or vapors while the load is static, oscillating or rotating to insure your aerospace parts are contaminant free.

Send us your Sporting/Firearms/Recreational component needs so that one of our experienced engineers can discuss options to provide you parts to your exacting specifications at the most competitive price.

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