Core Box Vents

Smith & Richardson offers the widest range of popular core box vents. Most are available in US and Metric sizes.

Brass Body
This slotted-style core vent is machined from solid brass and is available with a 0.93 head thickness for flat and contour surfaces.

Steel Body
This slotted-style core vent is machined from steel and is used in flat and contour surfaces. Sold in bags of 100 vents.

Aluminum Body
This slotted-style, aluminum vent is particularly well-suited for use in aluminum molds used in making patterns and Styrofoam packaging. Also available with a non-stick coating. Please call Smith & Richardson for details. Sold in bags of 100 vents.

Super Vents are self-cleaning and feature an opening rate of more than 43%. Using these vents will solve the problem of clogging which can affect the continuous operation of a core molding machine during no-bake molding. The 43% opening rate (compared to an average of 13% for slotted vents and 30% for screen vents) results in more effective and efficient venting. 

This brass body vent offers a high venting area with a corrosion resistant, nickel-copper alloy screen. 

Nylon Vents are injection molded for high precision. These vents provide a ‘non-stick’ surface combined with the toughness of nylon. Ideal for medium to high pressure molding, they are highly recommended for use in blow squeeze machines, v-process, and with cold box and CO2 sand systems. 

Gravity, Low Pressure/Vacuum Casting & Die Casting Applications
Sintered Vents provide an innovative way to decrease molding defects while improving venting efficiency.

Sintered vents are inserted into molding dies to assure sound castings. They allow the escape of gas and prevent the passage of smelt.

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