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Spark Awards Valley Industrial Association

March, 2018
Smith and Richardson Inc. was awarded the Spark Award from the Valley Industrial Association for their outstanding efforts in regards to career awareness. Through their extensive tour program and involvement in career day visits, they have open the eyes of hundreds of students to the world of manufactoring.

Ideas at Work - PMPA

Member profile: Smith & Richardson

April, 2008 — A Featured Article in Production Machining magazine.
Smith and Richardson Inc. was recently honored by Production Machining magazine with an article about our company, our current activities and dedication to our customers. The article highlights our expanding capabilities and use of PMPA's network to further our knowledge of lean manufacturing and expanding our Asian initiative.

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Is Your Business Too Small To Be Lean?

Implementing "Lean" at Smith & Richardson

October, 2007 — A Featured Article in the MRA - Institute of Management Journal
By Bill Bonham, Training Specialist

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Award Pictures

Spark Award Photo

Joey Raynor, Ron Brown, Zachary McDonald, and Renee Schroeder at the Spark awards

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