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Thomas Kerfoot

Hello, I am Thomas Kerfoot and with the summer coming to an end, I will be beginning my senior year at Batavia High School. Though I am still in high school, next year and last year I have been attending classes at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove to learn about the world of manufacturing, engineering, and industrial mechatronics. I’m not sure what I am going to get into after high school but, I do know that it will be manufacturing or something similar and that this internship will have benefited me. During my time at Smith & Richardson Manufacturing Co., I started out by using various high-tech machines such as the Keyence, the Eclipse, and the Comparator to measure parts and ensure quality. After spending some time in quality control, I switched over to engineering where I learned techniques and skills on CAD softwares such as ESPRIT, and SolidWorks. In engineering I also created a 3D model of a pen holder in CAD and printed it using a 3D printer. The pen holders are now on a couple of the CNC machines.  Finally, I got over to production, where I learned what it meant to be a machinist. I was instructed on how to run a CNC machine and how to properly maintain it by responding to all the alerts and messages that popped up, resupplying the oil, and checking and accounting for all the parts it produced. When I started my manufacturing program at Waubonsee one year ago, I was on the fence about pursuing this as a career, but now I see it as a real possibility for myself in the future.

Calvin Lackner

I am Calvin Lackner, currently a rising Senior at St. Charles North High School (Class of 2024). I am interested in pursuing technical and engineering expertise; I have been fortunate to explore these fields through both academic pursuits and the practical experiences offered by Smith and Richardson.

During my time at St. Charles North, I have worked towards molding myself into a capable engineer who can bring an effective skillset and broad knowledge base to the table. I have done this through participation in an engineering-based program, Synergy, which is designed to create an opportunity for students interested in pursuing stem fields and engineering. This has allowed me to cultivate not only my technical skills, but also my ability to collaborate effectively within a team and contribute my problem- solving skills to meaningful projects.

Engineering Experience:

During my internship at Smith and Richardson I was immersed in the world of manufacturing engineering, collaborating with experienced professionals to create practical solutions.

Production Experience:

At Smith and Richardson, I gained hands-on experience in production, and machine operation skills on a Citizen L20 Swiss CNC Lathe.

Quality Experience:

In my experience working in a metrology lab and with the Quality Department, I learned the paramount importance of maintaining high standards. I witnessed the smooth operation of inter department communication. I gained an in-depth understanding of the operation of metrology equipment and an understanding of the complexity of making measurements and inspecting parts.

One aspect that stood out throughout my experience was the dedicated and knowledgeable team at Smith and Richardson. Being surrounded by accomplished professionals reinforced my commitment to pursuing excellence in technical and problem-solving skills.

As I move forward in my academic and professional journey, the knowledge and insights I gained during my internship will help shape my future. I am excited to channel this experience into pursuing higher education in technical fields, and I look forward to the possibilities that this opportunity has made available.

S&R Interns

Pictured left to right: Cal Lackner, Ron Brown- Director of Education & Training, and Thomas Kerfoot.

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