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Smith and Richardson Inc. works closely with many local high schools and middle schools in the Fox Valley area to provide an educational experience to students and expose them to career options. We strongly believe that students need to be presented with a multitude of avenues for growth. The many avenues available for students include a 4-year college degree, a 2-year associate’s degree, or advanced technical training. Each of these paths can provide students with a rewarding future. We donate our time at the high school and community college level to help advise educators on the needs of precision manufacturers. In order for students to be successful they need Algebra and Geometry math skills, Computer skills including the ability to use computer aided design, and a desire to continually learn and grow.

As part of our commitment to continuing education Smith and Richardson contributes 90% toward the cost of tuition and books to our team members who achieve grades of an A or B and 75% of the cost to our team members continuing education who receive a grade of a C.

The constant learning environment is necessary as many of the machine tools our team members program, set-up, and operate range in value from $150,000 to $750,000 in value and are producing complex parts to exacting tolerances for a wide range of demanding industries including aerospace, hydraulics, and medical to name a few.

Some of our team members who started in an entry level position, who showed a desire to continue to learn, and who have taken advantage of our tuition reimbursement program have progressed into managerial roles within the organization.

If you or anyone in your family is interested in a career in manufacturing please reach out so that we can set a time for your visit to our facility to learn more about your career possibilities. If you are an educator or an administrator contact us so that we can arrange a field trip for you, your associates or your students. We will even help with the transportation costs as well as provide food and beverage to make your visit more enjoyable.


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