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Contract Precision Metal Stamping Services

Smith & Richardson's state-of-the art manufacturing facility features servo and mechanical gap frame punch presses from 10 to 110 tons for the manufacturing of precision metal stampings. All punch press work cells are set up to incorporate lean practices reducing lead times and lowering costs to the customer.  Pending the design of your parts our presses are capable of holding tolerances to .002”.

We utilize our Global Manufacturing facilities, Asian based  along with US based tool room, and technology to produce progressive dies to manufacture precision stamped parts.  The benefits realized are reduced tooling cost for progressive stamping dies and reduced production lead times.  Strategically we produce stampings and the tooling to produce stampings in the facility that best supports reduced cost to you our customer.  These redundant plants allow us to fulfill and emergency planning process to ensure minimal interruption to your precision stamped part requirements.

We combine advanced punch press technology with an expert staff that averages 20 years of industry experience. This unique combination results in the ability to deliver high precision and exceptional value to customers in a wide range of industries including foundry, aerospace,  transportation, among others.

Pending the design and production volume required we match your precision stamped parts to the most efficient technology to reduce costs and lead times.  We have an approved vendor program to ensure precision stamped parts requiring outside services meet your specifications.

We utilize a vast array of systems including die design software to support our production environment.  Our highly trained degreed manufacturing engineering team reviews your design for manufacturability during our Contract Review process.  Your part is launched through our “First Part introduction” process, and production results are monitored through our operating system.  Control Plans or other quality systems requirements are integrated to ensure your specifications are meet. 

Smith & Richardson's extensive punch press experience includes a variety of metals and alloys including but not limited to:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • All spring steels
  • Martensite
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Pre-Plated materials

Smith & Richardson's Punch Presses- Features and Benefits

  • Servo controlled feed lines allow for precise positioning
  • Tonnage monitoring sensors to protect tooling from damage and ensure continuous operation
  • Part ejection sensors to ensure continuous operation
  • Servo press technology allowing precise control of form through entire stroke
  • Servo press technology allows for superior design flexibility yielding cost savings
  • High speed presses capable of 400 strokes/min
  • Feeders capable to 16” wide and 7 gauge material
  • Feedback from feed line requires parts to be at correct size before punching

Allow our experienced punch press team to design and build tooling to produce to your exacting requirements.  If you have a unique or difficult formed part Smith & Richardson will work with you to make sure the part meets your requirements.  Smith & Richardson will work with customers that have low volume jobs along with longer running parts and can be competitive in both categories due to our extensive tool building capabilities.

Show Smith & Richardson your parts, we can work with:

  • Sharp bends
  • Tight tolerances
  • Notching
  • Custom 3D forms
  • Embossing
  • Fine blanking
  • Your unique part

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Precision Metal StampingsPrecision Metal Stampings

Precision Metal StampingsPrecision Metal Stampings

Precision Metal StampingsPrecision Metal Stampings

Precision Metal StampingsPrecision Metal Stampings

Precision Metal Stampings