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Smith and Richardson internships are a great way to dive into real world applications of STEM fields. For the first few weeks interns switch from department to department until they find what they feel interests them the most. All employees begin their training in the quality department where parts are inspected. This process helps teach employees about the different parts that come through Smith and Richardson and the quality we want to see in our products. By the end of the Smith and Richardson internship, we hope you have a strong understanding of how our company functions. 


Chris Hall Bio Shot
Christopher Hall
I am interning here at Smith and Richardson for the summer. I just graduated Geneva Community High School and plan to major in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University. Smith and Richardson interested me because I get to see designs made into real products every day. In high school, I was on the FRC robotics team. One of our mentors was a machinist at Smith and Richardson. He pointed me in the direction of the internship. I have helped in the quality, production, and engineering departments. My favorite is engineering where I have learned Solidworks, a little bit of Esprit, and the quoting process.




Ethan Wang Bio Shot

Ethan Wang

I have been an engineering intern at Smith and Richardson ever since November 2017, when Saint Charles East High School's engineering program was invited to partake in S&R's Manufacturing Day Initiative. I was offered an internship almost the same day after they learned that I hold an industry certification in Solidworks 3D modeling software. I now assist the engineering team with the quoting process, Solidworks 3D model creation, quality control documentation, intern training, and document organization/management for our old machines and projects. I graduated from Saint Charles East this spring and will take this experience to Purdue University's engineering program in fall 2018 to study materials science engineering. 




Ben Heroldt Bio Shot

Ben Heroldt

I am currently a summer intern at Smith and Richardson, and plan to continue working part-time into the school year. I just graduated my junior year at St. Charles North High School, and when I graduate, I plan to go into Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University. I found out about the internship from a teacher at my high school, and she said that she thought I fit the description Smith and Richardson was looking for. The application and interview process were very straightforward, and I joined the Smith and Richardson team in no time. Working for Smith and Richardson has helped me get the experience of a real-life work environment, and working with different mentors around the shop has helped me narrow down what I wanted to do in engineering. I feel like Smith and Richardson is a comfortable working environment, and the employees are helpful and willing to explain things in detail. In the future, I would consider working full-time for Smith and Richardson, as I feel that the work is engaging, there are always new challenges to solve, and I can always find assistance if I need it.

Internship Videos and Pictures

Quality2 Tour27JUN18

Chris and Zachary giving a tour of the quality department.


 Ethan and Ben Todd explaining the engineering proccess

Ben H Tool Wrench

Cynthia and Ben Heroldt changing an insert on a CNC machine